Timothy Dockins

You’ll typically find me sitting in a coffee shop somewhere with a laptop and headphones on. You might also find me on a bicycle, at a Ren Faire, or in a fancy restaurant. I could be hiking or discussing artificial intelligence.

You will find me with my best friend and wife, Sarah.

Sarah and I met on a blind date through a mutual acquaintance. We immediately clicked and just had a really good time together. We married and moved to Northwest Arkansas together.

We are each other’s partners in so many ways. We love travel and adventure, and we’ve been to Bali and other places. We incorporate travel into our use of the 7/7/7 method in our relationship.

You will find me studying AI and intelligent systems.

I became infatuated with robots when I was a kid and Star Wars Ep. 4 was released. (In fact, the more I think about it, Star Wars had a big impact on how I think about things…that and Star Trek, but that’s a blog post, I’m sure.) There were even other robots that piqued my thoughts at an early age. The drones of Silent Running (Huey, Louis, and Dewey), Robot from Lost in Space, and those from movies like The Day The Earth Stood Still.

You will find me reading science fiction and non-fiction.

Reading is a mental escape hatch. It can help one forget the mundane worries of life, and absorbing what you read—fiction or nonfiction—can elevate your mind. Knowledge is power. I love everything from Asimov to Zelazny and enjoy books about science, business, history, etc.

“The best ideas in science are always simple, elegant, and unexpected,”