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This is my current reading stack.  This is broken down into several tables to manage my reading process.

Inbox (for Introductions and Conclusions)

I’ve read the abstracts on these and want to know more.

 Annotations Stack

These are the papers I want to annotate and pull notes from.

A. Lazaric, “Transfer in Reinforcement Learning,” in Reinforcement Learning – State of the art, 12th ed., M. Wiering and M. van Otterlo, Eds. 2012, pp. 143–173

J. Ngiam, A. Khosla, M. Kim, J. Nam, H. Lee, and A. Y. Ng, “Multimodal Deep Learning,” Proc. 28th Int. Conf. Mach. Learn., pp. 689–696, 2011.

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