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Su, R., Dockins, T. M., & Huber, M. (2013, May). ICA Analysis of Face Color for Health Applications. In The Twenty-Sixth International FLAIRS Conference.

Roger Su did the initial setup for this code and the research.  I cobbled it all into a working version of the code and integrated it with OpenCV.  I wrote the paper, but Roger Su and Dr. Huber (PI) should get all the research credit.

Dockins, T. M., & Huber, M. (2012, May). Social Influence Modeling for Utility Functions in Model Predictive Control. In FLAIRS Conference.

My first academic paper.  I did this as part of my undergraduate research experience in Dr. Huber’s lab.

Hanson, D., Baurmann, S., Riccio, T., Margolin, R., Dockins, T., Tavares, M., & Carpenter, K. (2009). Zeno: A cognitive character. In AI Magazine, and special Proc. of AAAI National Conference, Chicago.

I helped with a section of this article and was part of the team that went to the AAAI conference as well as helped install a version of the Zeno robot into the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

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