Yet Another BBQ Place in Conway

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I like BBQ.  I like a sharp smoke flavor.  You can slice it, shred it, make it so tender that it falls off the bone, and I'll eat it up.  Dry-rubbed, sauced-up, spicy, tangy, sweet.  You name it - I like it.  If you do it right, present it right, and give me a good atmosphere to eat it - I'll be sure to sing your praises.  If you don't, then you're likely to get one of these; as it is with Fat Daddy's, the new BBQ restaurant that's opened up in Conway, Arkansas' downtown area.  Fat Daddy's comes to us from Russellville where they've enjoyed some success.  It was on the advice of an extended family member, and resident of that town, that I found myself trying it out.…
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