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Professional Background

For the most part, my professional experience has always been focused towards technology.  I have held a number of roles in technology including:

  • Chief Operating Officer (EVP)
  • Program Manager, Computational Modeling
  • Product Developer (software)
  • Research Assistant (machine learning)
  • Product Development Manager (Sprint Business – Sales and Marketing Support group)
  • Systems and Application Development Manager (telecom network product)
  • IT Manager for production support in small manufacturing
  • Application Development Consultant
  • Certified Technical Trainer (IBM Lotus, Microsoft)
  • Various Technical Support roles

Current Positions

I am currently an Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Spektron Systems.  My duties range from administrative to technical.   I manage machine learning / data science projects using non-linear machine learning methods for building inferential and predictive models.  The application space is the discovery of new molecular/chemical entities as candidates for pushing towards drug development.

Educational Background

I received a BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Arlington in December 2009.  I started a BS-to-PhD program directly afterward.  My PhD will be in Computer Science with an emphasis on Machine Learning.  I am currently working on my dissertation research and am ABD (All But Dissertation).  I have taken a Leave of Absence from this work while I focus on Spektron.  My professional and academic fields intersect and I’m working on developing my thesis from my work here.  For now, you can view my coursework here.

For Fun

I’m running.  A lot.  Follow me on Strava!