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Professional Background

For the most part, my professional experience has always been focused towards technology.  I have held a number of roles in technology including:

  • Program Manager, Computational Modeling (current)
  • Product Developer (software)
  • Research Assistant (machine learning)
  • Product Development Manager (Sprint Business – Sales and Marketing Support group)
  • Systems and Application Development Manager (telecom network product)
  • IT Manager for production support in small manufacturing
  • Application Development Consultant
  • Certified Technical Trainer (IBM Lotus, Microsoft)
  • Various Technical Support roles

Current Positions

I am currently a technical program manager for Spektron Systems.  I deal with computational modeling projects using non-linear machine learning methods for building representational and predictive models.  The application space is the discovery of new chemical entities as candidates for pushing towards drug development.

Educational Background

I received a BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Arlington in December 2009.  I started the a BS-to-PhD program directly afterwards.  My PhD will be in Computer Science with an emphasis on Machine Learning.  I am currently working on my dissertation research and am ABD (All But Dissertation).  You can view my coursework here.  I have been away from my studies for a while, focusing on family, but intend to finish my dissertation in the next year.


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